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Custom Designed Window Security Grilles

In Sydney, window grilles are an important security feature for many residential, commercial and industrial properties. With the increase in crime over the past ten years or so, keeping your family, your property and your business safe from intruders has become pretty much essential.

Along with security doors, security bars for windows in Sydney properties are one of the best ways you can secure your property and keep everyone safe at the same time.

Window Grilles and Security Window Bars

Custom Designed Window Security Grilles, Sydney

Important Features of Window Grids, Sydney

Important Features of Window Grids, Sydney

For best performance, security grilles in Sydney should be constructed of solid aluminium or steel. This provides maximum security while still maintaining aesthetic appeal. If you are considering security bars for residential windows in Sydney, one of the important features you need are hinges, so that you and your family are able to exit your home in emergencies.

Sydney Metal Fab are experts in window grill design in Sydney and we can manufacture your security window grids so that they can be fitted to brick, concrete, timber, or aluminium window frames, and can be either internal or external.

These type of fittings are the best option for security grilles in Sydney, as they provide much more protection than just having window locks. With window security grilles, you can leave your window open for ventilation without putting your property at risk of intrusion.

Sydney Metal Fab has a range of security window grilles and security window bars to suit any residential, commercial or industrial property. We can also custom make your security grilles to your specifications.

Timeless beauty and unparalleled security

When our clients buy security products from us, they can be sure that they would get a level of security they have never had before. They can enjoy complete security, style, and peace of mind with our security windows and doors in Sydney. We can customise these products just as our clients desire. We use the finest materials such as aluminium and steel to make them. Our products are ideal for both businesses and homes. Giving you a sense of safety and comfort that you can count on in both regards. This explains the tremendous demand for our safety grills for windows in Sydney.

Variety in make and design

At Sydney Metal Fab, we believe in offering the best to our clients. Therefore, we offer our security products in various designs and makes. Giving our clients a lot of options to choose from when they purchase safety grilles from us. Our range complies with a lot of modern styles and more traditional or classical finishes. While more rectangular shapes are commonly what is thought of when thinking about window security grilles, they can come in many rounder and more intricated designs.

We make sure that our window security grilles in Sydney are second to none. Therefore, we always buy raw materials from the best suppliers in Australia. These suppliers are some of the biggest names in the industry here too. Our security windows and doors can make your property more secure, safer, and more stylish too.

Safety, security and proper peace of mind

We can guarantee that when our clients buy these products from us, they would not have to worry about their safety any longer. At the same time, our grills would also let them enjoy the cool breeze that would soothe and relax them on the hot summer nights. They would now no longer have to compromise on their safety. Our products would keep their homes safe from both intruders and bugs. Our safety grills for windows would thus make it easier for them to relax. We have made our products in such a way that we can say that they are the best in the region. We make grilles for your windows that you can rely on.

We Do Not Compromise on Design, Quality or Safety

We don’t cut corners and we don’t compromise, as we believe the integrity of the product is paramount. We work to ensure that all our products can deliver the promise of strong durable protection that they promise, while only adding to the beauty of your home. 

If you are looking for sheet metal solutions, then call Sydney Metal Fab on 0420 875 228, email us on or complete our online enquiry form for a free quote.

We Do Not Compromise on Design, Quality or Safety

If you are looking for sheet metal solutions, then call Sydney Metal Fab on 0420 875 228 , email us on or complete our online enquiry form for a free quote.