Sydney Metal Fab is your gateway to security!

Steel Security Gates

Residential, Industrial & Commercial Security Gates, Sydney

Custom Solutions for Steel Security Gates

Steel gates for commercial & residential premises in Sydney

Residential, Industrial & Commercial Security Gates, Sydney

Sydney Metal Fab is your gateway to security!

We manufacture a large range of steel security gates for a variety of applications. Whether you require security for your commercial or residential premises, you won’t be let down by the strength of our steel security gates.

  • Security gates for homes
  • Commercial security gates
  • Electric sliding gates
  • Business security gates
  • Manual security gates
  • Sliding security gates
  • Steel security gates
  • Home security gates
  • Automatic driveway gates
  • Electric Security gates

Custom Solutions for Steel Security Gates

Sydney Metal Fab offers cost-effective and affordable options, coupled with well-engineered automatic and manual security gates that are manufactured to your specific requirements.

An example of our options for residential gates in Sydney include an automatic gate system for your driveway and manual security gates for your garden. Whatever application you have in mind for your home security gates in Sydney, Sydney Metal Fab can provide you with a range of secure options.

An example of our options for commercial security gates include electric sliding gates for point of entry security or solid steel security gates for higher protection, as well as automatic driveway gates for staff entry points.

Whether your business runs from a small retail premises or is a large industrial site, Sydney Metal Fab can provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation and feasibility survey to assess your manual or automatic gate system requirements in Sydney.

Solid steel gates

At Sydney Metal Fab, we assure our clients that our security barriers are the best in terms of durability and design. It would provide them the solid security they are looking for. They would protect their property from every sort of intruder tactic. Therefore, our steel gate fabrications in Sydney are the best in the region. Our products are good enough for our clients to use for both commercial and residential purposes. With our steel security gates, clients can also restrict unsolicited movement around their property. We provide the best option for security gates in Sydney.

Iron security doors

These iron security doors are a relatively fresher addition to the domain of residential architecture. People living in big cities such as the capital of New South Wales have an increasing demand for commercial fencing and automated gates in Sydney because they are concerned about the safety and security of their properties. Automated gates and doors are not only convenient but also add value to your property. They want to protect them at all costs. If we look at the older homes, it is a challenge to install these steel gates and iron gates. However, we excel even in such cases with our brilliant designs that suit those old properties as well.

The best fences and gates for your properties

We specialise in designing, manufacturing, and installing both automatic and manual electric steel gate systems. We assure our clients that these products would make their commercial, residential, and industrial properties a lot safer than before. We also offer these products in a wide array of styles, as per the preference of our clients. Our in-house experts design these gates in such a way that they integrate seamlessly with our clients’ properties. Therefore, we are the top brand for steel gate fabrication.

Our reputation as one of the best in the industry

We have built a reputation for our security steel gates. This is because we are always improving the qualities of our security barriers to provide better options to our commercial, retail, industrial, and residential clients. We count the following among our clientele:

  • shops
  • clubs
  • shopping centres
  • government buildings
  • warehouses
  • sports stadiums
  • loading docks
  • convention centres
  • airports
  • schools
  • hotels
  • universities
  • pubs
  • offices

We promise to keep our clients’ premises safe irrespective of where they are. It is this range and level of capability that makes us the leading name for commercial fencing and gates.

We Do Not Compromise on Design, Quality or Safety

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