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Custom Designed Window Security Grilles

In Sydney, window grilles are an important security feature for many residential, commercial and industrial properties. With the increase in crime over the past ten years or so, keeping your family, your property and your business safe from intruders has become pretty much essential.

Along with security doors, security bars for windows in Sydney properties are one of the best ways you can secure your property and keep everyone safe at the same time.

Window Grilles and Security Window Bars

Custom Designed Window Security Grilles, Sydney

Important Features of Window Grids, Sydney

Important Features of Window Grids, Sydney

For best performance, security grilles in Sydney should be constructed of solid aluminium or steel. This provides maximum security while still maintaining aesthetic appeal. If you are considering security bars for residential windows in Sydney, one of the important features you need are hinges, so that you and your family are able to exit your home in emergencies.

Sydney Metal Fab are experts in window grill design in Sydney and we can manufacture your security window grids so that they can be fitted to brick, concrete, timber, or aluminium window frames, and can be either internal or external.

These type of fittings are the best option for security grilles in Sydney, as they provide much more protection than just having window locks. With window security grilles, you can leave your window open for ventilation without putting your property at risk of intrusion.

Sydney Metal Fab has a range of security window grilles and security window bars to suit any residential, commercial or industrial property. We can also custom make your security grilles to your specifications.


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